5 Men’s Summer Fashion Trends 2018

Summer trend 2018Hey fam, we’re back here. We’d like to welcome you and seize this moment to appreciate You. Thanks for coming up here to read, leave comments and share. We exist essentially because of you and do not take this for granted. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been on the summer thingy and by now we’re sure you’re smashing those summer styles. If you’ve not seen previous posts, you’d be missing on a lot but here’s your Opportunity.. Today we’re just taking a look into 5 styles that are really trending this summer.
Summer 2018, style trend has been graced with the classics and pieces you least expected. Fashion is rapidly evolving but we must keep relevant. Let’s dive into the details already.

1. Vertical Stripes
Stripes have always been a great go to pattern for many men. But this season we saw tons of vertical stripes on the runway; a trend that can be easily incorporated into your everyday wear. What’s great about vertical stripes is that they can help elongate your figure. Also great pieces to wear for work and weekends.

Vertical stripes, summer trend

2. Colorful Suits
Summer is a time to brighten up your wardrobe! Bright and colorful suits were a huge trend on the runway, but very impractical for the every day man. Here are some easy options on how to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe! This is also a great option for wedding season and how to easily match your date!

Suits, summer trend

3. African or Vintage Print Shirts
A trend that many did not see coming back, has. The floral Hawaiian print has made its way back into the fashion world and fits perfectly for the Summer time. When you think of African or Hawaiian floral print you think extremely bold and colorful. But that doesn’t have to be the case in order to rock this trend. Look at these subtle yet trendy pieces we’ve found!

Summer trend

4. The Dad Look

Another trend that is making its way back into your closet is the Dad look. This consists of looser fit clothing such as jeans and shirts, rocking that old school plaid check sports coat, and throwing on a dad cap. You may just end up asking your old man to borrow some of his clothes. You understand it’s to accommodate more air flow.

5. Native Wears
For all your parties, luncheon, outdoor enthusiast, manly men, you’re more in style than you think! A big trend that walked down the runway this year was the native and outdoor looks. We’re no strangers to our natives, how we say here, fit is king, spiced up with great colors, bluish pink, oxblood, purple etc. Senator style as colloquially called.

Natives, summer trend

It’s a wrap here fam. I know we’ve been getting feedbacks on the picture quality, even on the last post. We’re working to remotely curate our own picture contents in the month ahead. You can lend your support by leaving a comment on what you’d like to see and what you’d like discussed on the blog. All our feedback channels are functional however you wish to proceed. If you’ve found this piece insightful, kindly hit the share icon below to share with your network, don’t forget, we value your comments too. Thank you. Until our next post, Keep smashing!

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