In this series, I’ll give you my tried and true men‘s wardrobe essentials for any age bracket or group and even class.
You might wonder what I mean by essentials. By essentials, I mean a piece of clothing that
i. Will act as the foundation for any outfit or style.
ii. Should complement other items in your wardrobe
iii. Works for 99% of the situations you’ll find yourself in.
Quickly let’s have a look fam;

A white/black button-up should be tailored as well, otherwise it could look unkempt and over-sized. Look for one that fits snugly at the neck, but not tightly, and allows you to move your arms, shoulders, and elbows without restriction. Once you’ve nailed the white/black button-up, you can start gathering some other colors, like blue; you could also try some striped shirts that soothe your taste.

Button-up shirts can be too formal, but your favorite t-shirt might also be way too casual. The solution? Definitely a polo. It’s actually very much a combination of the two styles, and perfect for casual events that call for an extra dose of class.
Select Polos with subtle patterns to really stretch your wardrobe, since your button-ups are likely solid or striped. A subtle check or bold stripe allows you to show off your personal style without getting too far outside the box.
Polo shirts look great with shorts, but show equally well with dark jeans and a casual sweater. Layer them under a long-sleeve casual button-up or a cardigan.

Every man should have a pair of light-colored pants, which are ideal for more casual affairs. Whether, a casual outdoor wedding, or a lunch meeting with a few friendly colleagues, khakis allow you to look polished without being as “dressed up” as you might feel in suit paints – but still less casual than a pair of jeans.
Khakis make for a great bridge piece and go with just about anything, but make sure you purchase them without pleats in the front. While pleated pants cycle in and out of style, a flat front pant can serve you much better and keep you looking slim and trim.

While skinny jeans might be trendy right now, you can look stylish through the years to come in a pair of straight-cut, dark denim. Wear them on a Saturday with a polo or your favorite graphic tee. If you’re timid about clothing, they’re the ultimate no-brainer.

Now, this is the category I love most. Your shoes do make a statement. So, you won’t want to wear just anything. I can’t decide the kind of shoes you’ll wear but surely I can just place a list of fashionable and trendy foot-wears.
a. A pair of Oxfords

A pair of professional oxfords can never steer you wrong, particularly for formal wear. Choose something in black or brown leather – they can look just as great with suits as they can with khakis and a sport coat.

b. Loafers
A good pair of loafers might seem too casual. But it is a great pick for a footwear as they look so great with khakis and even denim jeans’ not to even mention polo shirts.

Thank God it’s Friday #tgif yeah? I hope you’ve found this read insightful, do leave a comment and share with a friend. Catch you on Monday, do have a slay weekend.


  • Lekwa Uchechi

    Very in sight ful, my boy friend does not like the idea of wearing jeans and we usually had to fight over it ones in a while… Ill share this piece with him…u you guys might have just helped me win a fight… 😂

    • Elskerblog

      Thanks Arnold. There are so many factors that come to play, it’s probably a leather of lesser quality and any fix won’t be permanent, might just arrest the wear for a bit that’s if you’re sure you’re not handling the leather poorly. Plus pay attention to your leather when next you’re getting shoes, could be synthetic or poorly treated and with varied climatic conditions, subject to deterioration. Thanks

    • Elskerblog

      Thanks Innocent, we’d be looking at this in the weeks to come at your suggestion. keep watching this space daily so you don’t miss out on it.


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