Fashion and Masculinity.

Yesterday, with some pop culture vibes, we considered Colour Blocking, I’m pretty sure you got a style tip or two to beef up your style and I hope you’ve started trying them out. if you’ve not read the piece on Colour blocking, here’s your opportunity. Today our sartorial gaze moves on to Fashion and Masculinity. Let’s get to the details together fam.
To most People, Fashion and Masculinity don’t mix. People often think being Fashionable isn’t cut out for Men. And before now, Men delving into the Fashion line or exhibiting Fashionable traits was not so welcomed. Some People even still believe that Men have a less developed sense of style as opposed to Women.
But largely today, Men are becoming more sartorial than Women, entering and taking over the Fashion world from Women.

However, Some Men take Fashion wrongly and loose their Masculinity in the process of adopting a style. Maintaining Your Masculinity in Fashion is integral and should never be ignored.
Below are things to be cognizant about;

Knowing what to Avoid. . .

Florals are nice and quite Friendly, a blend of it is great, but overdoing it is terrible. They’re popular, but They’re just not exactly for Grown Men. Leave the Big Flowers and Flashy Designs to Women and stick to more Masculine patterns like stripes or plaid.

Loud Prints
I’m not saying it’s bad to mix loud prints together, just be aware that it’s almost difficult to do it right. As a better option, stick to subtle patterns and prints or wear a loud print with something less showy to direct the attention on your statement piece.

Fitted Clothes.
Especially Jean Trousers. Your clothes should fit Your body properly, not look like They were borrowed to You. A proper fit not only makes You look more polished, but will also show that You care about the way You portray Yourself on a Professional-look and Day-to-Day basis. Not too baggy and definitely not too tight.

The most effeminate colour. Pink, is something most Men stay away from, Fearing judgment from Peers and For sexist reasons. Pink is not a colour to shy away from, it’s a colour like every other, The fact that it’s predominantly used by the Female Gender doesn’t make it theirs. In fact, Pink has found it’s way into most MensWear – from Dress shirts to Ties and other Accessories, Pink may be called the new black.

Your wardrobe full of Blues, Browns, Black, White and Grey needs a change – More color!
Introduce brighter Colours like Yellow, Beige, Orange, Lemon, Pink or mild Colours like Purple, Green, Silver, Wine, Gold, etc.
A dynamic change is always a classic show-stopper.


Fashion is all about looking and feeling your best, taking risks, and knowing this or that style doesn’t work for You even though Everyone’s doing it and Finding Your own style .You don’t have to sacrifice Your masculinity for Fashion. It’s about taking bold steps and trying out new stuffs.
If you’ve found this piece informative or helpful,I’d like to know your thoughts, please leave a comment below and share with friends. Bye for now, catch you tomorrow!

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