A Guide on Natives: Tips on How-to and Inspired Looks

Forgive me Tribe, it’s been a month since my last post. How are you holding up? We’re sure on our journey to normalcy! I just felt it was out of place to be talking nonessentials while you’re faced with so much uncertainties. This tribe has really been awesome. Quick reminder, your dreams are valid, you deserve excellence and more.

Natives or kaftans as popularly known, shouldn’t be called natives again really, but for a lack of better description. This is firstly because of the most recent wide acceptance. Everyone wears a native and they are worn to almost anywhere. On the streets of Lagos as well as London, you can find someone wearing suit style wool to African prints. Also, they can be worn for any occasion and you’d still appear sophisticated. From Bishop Jakes rocking a 2piece on Sunday morning; to John Boyega on the Star Wars premiere with a peng 3piece in London. Secondly, the “westerners” don’t call the shirt and tie a native suit, so I believe we ought to represent too.

Styling a solid native should be a no-brainer. There’s a wide range of variety on the open market, even ready-to-wear pieces. 

Picture by Abeera Mubarik

Buy Quality Pieces

Firstly, whatever your budget, you should invest in pieces that shows your love for excellence and presents you as a stylish gentleman–A well-tailored bespoke piece. One with almost perfect cut and seams is almost easily noticeable and makes for your good personal image. A little more cash is a wise investment in pieces that will last and pay attention to details than buying just any piece. 

Fit is King

Secondly, you should always look out for a good fit even if it’s from your local tailor. There’s no point wearing clothes that don’t fit. Every piece should accentuate your figure and enhance your looks. While you go for a really appealing style make sure it’s a proper fit else the aim is defeated. Pay attention to your measurements if it is not a bespoke piece.

Picture by Abeera Mubarik

Wear Good Shoes

Thirdly, as a trend, millennials and celebrities would make bold statements with sneakers on natives like I did. If you did this about 10 years ago, you’d have been considered Ludacris. The convention is loafers, sandals or leather slippers. Blow yourself out as convenient. A caveat, please don’t do lace ups, oxfords or brogues with natives, doesn’t just cut and presents a bland look. Also don’t think it’ll ever be fashionable, you’re not setting any fashion pace, get better shoes sir.

Picture by Abeera Mubarik

Always Accessorise

Furthermore, we can’t overemphasise this; accessories are the pop in style. They always elevate and accentuate your looks. You can’t have enough of them. From beads, glasses, cufflinks, pocket square, wrist watches, broaches etc. the list is almost endless. Just make sure to accessorize for your personality.

Finally, I hope this post has been helpful, if you need any clarity or help, just shoot a message. Also, if you have any other tips, feel free to share in the comments. Finally, I’d really need you to share this post to your network and Thanks already. Until the next post, let’s connect across social media platforms. 

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