Hey Tribe!

A lot could happen in a year and three months you know? We went to bed one night and woke up to a global pandemic and such unprecedented times as we have it now. Nations on lockdown, economies on stand still, Life as we know it has a new definition and loads more I could keep going at. I’m sure you are well informed so I won’t bore you with the details. I just hope you’re fine!

Is this post about the times we live in? No. Tosin what then is this post about? YOU! Yes You! It really means a lot that You took a laudable step to hit this link and I would explain why shortly.

Elsker blog started in January 2017 and it has been a journey paved with great experiences. Some positive and others not so positive. The blog was hacked incessantly that same year. You would wonder why someone would hack a blog that was grossing nothing at that time, but for reasons known to the hacker he was persistent, yet YOU still stayed true. Thank You.

We hosted a new interface in 2018, started a single post per week frequency, YOU showed up for the stretch and still kept reading, leaving comments and sharing. Our rankings doubled and readers from all over with other brands asking for collaborations and reviews. The host company, which we don’t want to call out, started acting up in January 2019, and so we couldn’t continue.

Now after a year and 3 months, We are back and I promise YOU, to serve you great and mind blowing content. You’ve served us, you’ve remained true in so many ways, is it alright if we serve You for as long as we can?

Old or New, is it alright if I welcome you to the tribe( a name We picked up along the way #elskerTribe)? On a journey where we’re inspired and learn as style conscious gentlemen, enthusiasts, models and ultimately people seeking excellence in our diverse sphere of influence. Do You want to know a big secret?… I’d sincerely love You to come on this journey with us.

The comment section belongs to You, use as you see fit. All you need do is drop a comment below with your name and be like “Hey Tribe, my name is Tosin and I am a member of the Elsker Tribe #elskerTribe”. Let’s meet other tribe members… I’d go first!

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