How to Rock a Monochrome Checked Suit.

How to rock a monochrome checked suit
Monochrome looks, simply put, involve wearing the same hue from head-to-toe. While it looks incredibly awesome when pulled off correctly, could be tricky sometimes. It’s all about figuring which tone suits you and playing around with different textures.
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The Suit
Your suit is an item that reflects your taste and style. A significant part of what makes a suit look good is the construction and appearance of the suit jacket. This is a Monochrome checked single breasted one button peak lapelled bespoke piece by Elsker Couture. Who dares deny the allure of a top-to-bottom monochrome? Work, wedding, weekend etc. She’s a viable option. Sticking to Monochrome need not be boring with larger-than-life silhouette, how we say fit is king. A stylish man knows his suit details. From it’s prominent peak lapel which accentuates the shoulders to it’s patched pockets to blend a formal and casual feel.
The pants are not left out, this high waist beltless pant with the outer seam lined with black satin speaks class.

Monochrome checked suit elskerblog

Turtle Neck
The black turtle neck (alternative white) keeps the look crisp and clean. The button up shirt options are also apt. Whether you choose to downplay or accentuate your look, with the turtle neck, you are definitely going to look great wearing it. The versatility of the turtle neck makes an easy switch from a classic to a more casual or street style look. Temperature consideration is key to inform the type of turtle necks. For tropics, silks, linen, and light weight cottons are appropriate.

The Hat
The Panama hats are light weight and often worn in summer or spring. Owing to ease of wear and breathability, at the turn of the century, has become a classic staple in men’s wear. For an elegant boost to any tropic outfit, the answer sometimes is a hat. However casual or formal, also providing protection from sun rays. Also applies to warmer months in temperate regions of the globe.
Right now, it is almost rare not to be seen with a hat as a well chosen hat adds style to one’s personality. They vary and must be carefully chosen to suit the shape of your face. A panama hat tends to look casual but obviously can be dressed up with a suit.

Monochrome checked suit elskerblog

Wristwatches, beads and bracelets, sunglasses, socks and that polka dot pocket square all light up the overall look. Adding accessories to match the corresponding suit color allows room for individuality to flourish and showcase attention to details. See more on Accessories every man should own.

Timeless well crafted black leather brogue that never goes out of style had to be the topping. See more Suits and Shoes

Monochrome checked suit elskerblog

The overall look is something simple, modern, classic and sophisticated, all at once.
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