Summer Shirt Style.

Summer shirt style
Hey fam, how are you doing? You know we got you in mind per post. The summer just arrived, and you’re saying to yourself, “temperature difference and more casual engagements rolling in, how do I keep up my style game relevant for the season?” No hassle fam, we’ve put together a list of stylish summer shirt options to keep you looking and feeling cool from commencement til the not so distant end. Paired with a breathable linen suit or fitted khakis (how we say fit is king), these shirts will keep your style game intact without causing heatstroke.
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Suits and shoed

These 5 classics will keep you looking cool (no matter how hot it is):

1. Plain White Dress Shirt
You may already have a white dress shirt. It’s a timeless staple of menswear: if a man only has one formal item in his wardrobe, it’s probably this. They’re versatile and classic all year, but especially good for summer: white keeps you cool and pairs well with summer suit and trouser colors.

It’s easy to dress up or down as well.

Light blue, light grey, and khaki all pair beautifully with a white shirt. Add a fresh-colored tie, a belt and some loafers and you’re in business.
Summer shirt style

2. Solid Pastel Color Shirts
Pale blue is probably the second most common men’s shirt color – once again, you may already have one. It’s a little more casual than white but still quite acceptable wherever business attire is expected. Blue is a psychologically impactful color – signaling friendliness and trust – and every bit as easy to pair with summer clothes.

Pink is the unsung hero of men’s wardrobes. As a pastel, it looks good with most skin tones and complexions. It also warms up the color scheme of an outfit and helps you stand out in a sea of blue, black, and grey.

Pink dress shirts – and other pastel dress shirts – can dress up jeans, dress down suits, and harmonize perfectly with business-casual looks. Experiment and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.
Summer shirt style

3. Subtle Patterned Shirts
For formal events such as weddings, classy patterns like pinstripes and herringbone keep your outfit sharp while lending a slightly more festive summer feel – breaking up the solid blocks of color makes it clear you’re not dressed for the office.

Slightly more casual options – stripes, ginghams, plaids – are perfect summer shirt styles for alfresco social or business events. Stick to paler colors to keep it seasonal. Leave the tie off and keep the top two buttons undone.

Shirts with bolder patterns look great dressed down even further – e.g. with jeans or a nice pair of khaki shorts. They basically carry your look, so there’s no need to overdo anything else.
Summer shirt style

4. Bold Patterned Shirts
Bolder patterns are still more casual than the options above. They turn a dress shirt from serious and businesslike to fun and expressive. For this reason, they’re NOT ideal for formal office wear – but they are a good option for more relaxed office environments. They’re also excellent for summer nights or days out – think parties and barbecues.

African prints, Paisley, florals, and other large prints count as bolder patterns. So do some ginghams and stripes – bigger stripes and checks, brighter colors, and more varied colors all make the pattern more casual. Again, stick with pale pastels for summer shirt styles – save dark green paisley for Christmas.
African print summer shirt style

casual summer shirt styles
More Casual Summer Shirt Styles
Any or all of these details will make your shirt look more casual but still sharp. If you’re getting a shirt made to measure – here’s where you really get to have some fun. Ever bought a shirt with any of these bells and whistles?

-Button-down collar

-Short sleeves

-Bottom hem cut straight across (so you can wear it untucked!)

-A breast pocket


-Contrasting fabric for placket and cuffs

-Contrasting buttons or button thread (bolder colors of either are more casual)
Summer shirt style
If you’re looking to up your style game when it comes to summer casual, give some of the above options a try. They’re all available on order at Elsker Couture.

You can also make a dress shirt more casual by dressing it down. Jeans and sneakers go perfectly well with a dress shirt – as long as the dress shirt is reasonably casual and the jeans and sneakers are reasonably smart. A smart pair of jeans is dark, well-fitted, and not ripped or faded (either by accident or by design.) The sneaks don’t have to be expensive – just clean and not too worn.

Smarter shorts (like khaki or chino shorts) also go fine with a dress shirt. Stick to short-sleeved shirts when you’re wearing shorts – otherwise you’ll look unbalanced.

It’s a wrap here, once again, you need those shirts to match up your style and you have some design specifications, tailored for you, contact us. We’d be more than happy to bring your designs and desires to reality. Kindly leave a comment and share with your network. Until the next post, Keep Smashing!

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