Summer Style Guide

Summer style guide
Hey fam, still on the summer toll. Happy New month, let's do great things this August. As a feedback from the last post, if you've not checked that out, you should right away, talking to a friend in Wales, she said the weather seems to fickle but the temperatures are quite high and the post may not be so relevant to them. Also from metrological forecasts it's still gonna get hotter. So we decided, to write such that it covers everyone, which inspired this post.
When you think of the summer style, light clothes and high temperatures come to mind but shouldn't be an excuse to go out of style.

These classic pieces listed here, are the guides to looking stylish while keeping shtum this summer.

Grey Tailored Trousers
Contrary to popular thought, tailored trousers aren't just for sitting behind a desk in. A pair cut in a slim, tapered shape can just as easily serve as a step up from jeans on the weekend as a dependable choice for summer wedding separates.

Tailored trousers are a menswear staple, and swapping to a lighter shade for summer months is a great way to update your wardrobe. Going for a light grey tone pairs well with other neutrals or pastels for easy summer looks.
Summer style

Tote Bag
Still think the only thing worthy of being at the end of your manly, calloused hands is a sturdy briefcase or sweaty gym bag? Firstly, get a manicure. Secondly, get a grip: chiefly of one of this season's grown-up totes.

Ease of use is this bag's best feature. You can casually take it to the beach and then out to a nice dinner. It's also a great piece to travel with – you can carry an extra layer for if it gets cold and have quick access to all your items.

White Long-Sleeved Shirt
We’re firm believers that a man can’t own too many shirts, the most indispensable of the lot being a white long-sleeved version. I'm sure you know why it had to make the list of summer shirt styles.

No longer just the default uniform for bankers, lawyers and doctors, this classic piece still does the business.

A solid choice no matter the season, a white long-sleeve shirt can take you from the office to a dinner out with absolute ease. For summer, you can always opt for a linen option for added breathability with a pair of light coloured chinos and loafers.
Summer shirt style

Navy Blue Tailored Shorts
The last thing you want when the mercury hits the high twenties is to have your legs trapped in an unforgiving furnace of a fabric. Stand up to the heat and leave a stylish impression with a pair of tailored shorts.

The trick is picking a classic colour commonly used on trousers. Tailored blue shorts always look great on holiday and help you avoid looking like you’ve only met shorts for the first time that morning.

Summer style guide

Lightweight Blazer
If we weren't already well versed in the Italian art of sprezzatura, we'd assume it translated loosely into something like 'still looking good while it's hot outside'. The Mediterranean knack for blazing a trail in double digit heat comes down to light-as-air fabrics and fresh summer hues.

A lightweight, deconstructed blazer is essential for staying smart in the warmer months. Fabrics such as cotton, seersucker and linen are great options – you’ll look smart, but not too formal. Style with a printed revere collar to nail any summer occasion.

Summer style guide

Beige Chinos
Without a pair of chinos in rotation, men would not only be less stylish during the warmer months, we’d probably be naked from the waist down.

What other trouser gets us through the summer? Originally developed for the military before being adopted by civilians, they’ve never gone out of fashion.

With their classic preppy edge, beige chinos in particular work perfectly alongside a light blue Oxford shirt and a pair of trainers. For the summer, look for a pair cut in a slim shape that allows a little bit of air flow and aren’t too constricting.

Yeah yeah, protect your eyes. UV rays, yada yada. The practical reasons for owning a decent pair of shades are obvious. But on a more superficial level, the right colour, cut and size can help bring symmetry to your face and hide crimes of excess, making them essential for summer. If you're already on the photochromic threshold like myself just go on enjoying yourself!

If a pair of sunglasses is uncomfortable, it's because most are built in generic sizes for the impulse buyer. Take time to understand your features and face shape and find out which style suits you best. This is unlikely to change so doing so pays off for life.
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White T-Shirt
No well-edited wardrobe is complete without the humble white T-shirt, ideally in supremely soft Supima or cotton-jersey.

While a year-round essential that can also be used to add ballast in colder months, its place on the menswear mantle is most important in summer when the light colour helps reflect heatwaves and therefore keeps you cool, in more than one way.

The T-shirt's greatest asset is its versatility. There are so many styling options available. Wear one under a light coloured linen jacket for a relaxed take on summer tailoring; under an open short sleeve printed shirt for a breezy summer look; or on its own with blue jeans for a quintessential heroic men’s look.

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Penny Loafers
The right pair of shoes will win you respect and endless compliments. A key part of the mid-century Ivy League look, penny loafers (named so because students would insert a coin into the front slit) are some of the most versatile around, and can easily bridge that tricky smart-casual dress code.

They work with brightly coloured chinos, jeans and linen trousers. They are also practically the only shoe style that properly works with shorts. Make sure you break them in before wearing, as there is nothing worse than blisters and sore, swollen feet.

Summer style

Tailored Swim Shorts

Swim shorts are as synonymous with summer as ice cream. Perhaps this is because it's always sunny somewhere and we'd probably, okay definitely, always rather be there. While retro, runner-style shorts have joined the (pool) party this season, models cut like chinos will always score a perfect 10.

Tailored swim shorts are a summer essential. They can take you from beach to eat outs and slim fits do wonders for your physique. If tall, you can opt for a patterned pair; but as a general rule, a single plain colour is the best option. Navy, grey or bright red is a good choice.

Summer style guide

Woven Belt
Every well-dressed adult knows that the key to looking good for the long-haul is actually keeping your clothes on. A stylish belt saves any embarrassing slippages and can also be used to add a point of interest to an outfit. If you read on The ultimate guide to Men's dress belt and took advice, you'd have this staple already.

Waistbands are rising and shirts are being tucked in as men gain sight of their midsections once again. This calls for a belt that’s as much about form as it is function. A woven style is versatile and doesn’t look too heavy with chinos or trousers in the summer; it’s also a subtle nod to the ’70s trend that just won’t quit.

Summer style

Printed Short-Sleeved Shirt
As more and more men clock on to trends, it can be hard to stand out.

A printed shirt in the style is the antidote. Use to add a little light-heartedness to a suit, or to make a solo statement alongside jeans or chinos.

The look you want to go for is the modern day Hawaiian shirt, from the movies, just slightly more fitted. Go for bright, bold colours and unique patterns, team this with simple separates and let the shirt do all the talking.

African print summer shirt style

Cotton Polo Shirt
Of all the 'classics' in the male wardrobe, the polo shirt arguably deserves the title more than any.

A grand slam of design that has remained practically unchanged since the early 20th century, the sporting piece still refuses to look outdated when worn alongside anything from swim shorts to tailored trousers.

This season, opt for a polo shirt in pink or blue and team it with a pair navy shorts and some white trainers.

White Sneakers
Trends aren’t meant to last, right? That's why we call them trends. So how long does a piece have to stick around before it's considered a classic? Well, we're calling it: the white sneaker has officially been inducted into the menswear hall of fame.

Wearing trainers with a suit has not only been acceptable but actively encouraged. Pick up a simple pair of white sneakers and they’ll take you from desk to dancefloor and on to dodgy chicken shop if the night goes well.

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