Elsker is a menswear fashion brand founded by OLUWATOSIN YUSUF. Known for our clean cuts and attention to detail. Elsker provides high-quality bespoke fashion services. We focus on well-crafted suits and other men’s wear at competitive prices.

Although the  story of the Elsker  brand started in 2016, the dream has been alive for as long as I can remember. I have always had an interest in fashion–particularly how minor details can uplift a cloth to a statement. Often people would stop me on the road to ask how and where I got my clothes. And I’d watch the questioner’s face fall with disappointment when they realise that the cloth was beyond their immediate reach.

In 2016, just a few months before I graduated from university, I decided that I needed to pursue fashion, not just as a personal expression but as a business. This idea was influenced by the rising rate of unemployment in Nigeria and the awareness that an entrepreneurial outcome was the only bailout from the unemployment crisis.  

At the time, I had little or no cash to start any major investment; so I had to build Elsker with almost no capital. My strong-will not to be unemployed or stranded would be a saving grace in the days to come. 

With so much zeal, I started following the global fashion scene and studying major brands in the industry. I read a ton of biographies, blog posts and Pinterest articles on starting and running a fashion brand. YouTube also came in resourceful. When you are consumed with an idea, it is almost impossible for everyone around you not to know. This was my case with Elsker as I passionately consumed information and set out to build a brand.

My confidence to start was reinforced by my roommate at that time who had started his own fashion brand a while back and was doing everything possible to keep it running. Trying to land my final year thesis, I would visit a colleague off campus who knew a tailor in Delta state, Nigeria, that could produce my designs at a fair rate if I was interested. I quickly secured his contact and began interactions with the tailor.

A graphic designer designed the Elsker logo after scribbling my idea on a sheet of paper and the values the brand stands for into the logo. Once this was done, I opened social media pages and started telling everyone who cared to listen that I could do this. People need more than words of mouth to be convinced and I was even mocked for constantly posting logos and no product. 

My roommate from 100L believed in me, in my taste for style and passion to deliver excellence. He gave me the first seed to produce the first Elsker piece. I charged him the cost price just to prove I could deliver on my words to everyone. The rest they say is history as we began to build a customer base with him as our first client.

At Elsker, we’ve been delivering excellence and style and inspiring a generation to demand more.

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